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With the current trend of Demonetization in India, Merchants have now turned to Mobile POS for payments from cash sales, not only increasing their sales but expanding their customer base. Existing large retailers are also adopting Mobile POS solutions by integrating them into their current Point — of — Sale environment to enhance the Retail and Payment experience.

About Us
OMA Emirates is a technology centric company, committed to provide cutting edge technology solutions in the area of Card Personalization, Payment Issuance and Payment Acquiring Systems. We help businesses achieve high performance by drawing on our ground breaking research and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses.
OMA Emirates provides services designed to deliver a seamless customer experience across the entire lifecycle. We are the number one service provider catering to the payment industry in Middle East and are focused on delivering against our promise through our global delivery platform. We deliver the insights and put them in to action.
We have a deep understanding of high-volume, transaction-intensive, secure payment processing that allows us to enhance operational efficiency, reduce complexity and increase productivity for business and government. OMA Emirates has professionally facilitated them with its product range in the area of today’s business. We have prestigious association with world-class manufacturers and suppliers for the day-to-day requirement of Banks, Financial Institutions and other Business houses.
To ensure cost-effective, on time delivery of high quality solutions we have a well-developed infrastructure facility and team, and are always abreast with technology. Our strength extends process and control across each stage of the application lifecycle, spanning all major payment applications, machines, and players. From first requirements to retirement, and for every change request we provides control, visibility and collaboration...Read More.
Our Mission is to enable Merchants to Accept Card Payments Anywhere, Anytime
and be a Dominant Player in the Mobile Payments Domain.

    We believe running a business should be easier and have built payment services for increasing sales which are simple to set up and use, always secure to help you build your business.

    MobiSwipe customizes the payment experience in-store and on the move. The MobiSwipe Platform intelligently leverages Smartphones and Tablets to revolutionize the customer experience in the real world.

    MobiSwipe MPOS & MPAY is the only Mobile Payment Solution which gets seamlessly integrated with Merchant's Existing PoS Back-end Database and enables Instant updates for each transaction and simultaneously gets connected with Bank's Server to Authenticate & Authorize each transaction.

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    Our Team

    Our Product

    MobiSwipe MPOS and Tablet POS.

    MobiSwipe enables Merchants to accept Credit and Debit Cards by using their Mobile Phone that gets connected to EMV Certified Card Reader via Bluetooth. MobiSwipe is compliant with Latest RBI and PCI Norms. Merchants can accept Swipe and Chip Cards along with PIN Entry.

    MobiSwipe is PCI-DSS certified.

    MobiSwipe is compliant with the PCI DSS Security Standard created by Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, American Express and Discover. The abbreviation stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. For more information on the PCI standard please visit their website. https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/index.php

    Why this certification?

    The standard was created to prevent security breaches. All PCI DSS certified companies like MobiSwipe have to undergo inspection on regular basis to maintain the license to handle, process and transmit card data.

    MobiSwipe uses Secure Card Reader

    MobiSwipe uses the most secure way available today to accept payments. We use secure card readers for reading the Swipe and/or Chip and entering the PIN to protect customer's card details. This method is the most secure way to accept payments today. All payments are confirmed with a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for maximum security. No card data is ever stored on the card reader.

    Our card reader has a PCI PTS 3x and EMV I+II certifications.

    How it Works

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    Industry News

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    OMA Happenings - July 2019

    OMA News Reference

    Indian mPoS MobiSwipe Goes Global

    Data Quest
    UAE-based payments solutions provider OMA Emirates has acquired MobiSwipe Technologies

    Times Of India
    Adding MPOS to its solution portfolio, OMA Emirates announces its acquisition into India based MobiSwipe

    OMA Emirates acquires India based Mobiswipe
    The high demand of Mobile Technologies has led OMA Emirates to add mPOS solution-Network ME, November 2016

    OMA Emirates
    One97 Mobility invests in mobile PoS company MobiSwipe Technologies

    MobiSwipe raises funding from One97 Mobility Fund

    Tech Circle

    One97 Mobilty Fund has made investment in MobiSwipe Technologies, a mobile PoS provider

    Deal Curry
    MobiSwipe raises funding from One97 Mobility Fund

    VC Circle

    MobiSwipe Technologies, a Mumbai-based mobile PoS Company, has secured funding from One97 Mobility Fund.

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